Mental Health Champions in Bradford Schools

Mental Health Champions in Bradford Schools

The Mental Health Champions project

The project was set up to provide support for schools in dealing with children and young people with low level mental health or emotional wellbeing difficulties. It is not intended to replace specialist support, but is a way that schools can access information and guidance for staff carrying out their day to day roles and responsibilities. The project is managed and delivered by Bradford Educational Psychology Team, meaning that training and support is based on up to date research and evidence-based practice.

Although it has been running on an ‘opt in' basis for a number of years, all schools in Bradford are now expected to join the project. Delivery of the project is fully funded by the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Bradford, and therefore costs to schools are minimal, and mainly limited to the costs of sending Champions to the six basic Network Meetings.

Schools should nominate a ‘Mental Health Champion’ who acts as a point of contact in school and who attends six meetings per year where they receive training and supervision related to issues affecting the mental health of children and young people.

Further introductory Information and FAQs can be found here (PDF document) and here (Powerpoint presentation)

If your school is not currently registered as a part of the project and you would like to join us, please sign up to the project by emailing

DfE Wellbeing for Education Return Training

Following a second period of school closure, the principles of the DfE Wellbeing for Education Return (WER) Training we provided during the first round of Network Meetings of 2020/21 will still apply, and hopefully you all have the training materials that were provided to you in order to cascade the training to your colleagues to refer back to.

The recorded WER training sessions are available online, but have to be booked via Skills for Bradford, so that we can report back to the DfE on which schools have received the training. To access the training, please open the Educational Psychology page in Skills for Bradford or click here: Educational Psychology page on Skills for Bradford

Scroll down the page and you will see a ‘Buy Now’ section and ‘DfE Wellbeing for Education Return’ training videos.

Please note: you will be asked to ‘purchase’ a training video, but there is no charge.

Materials used in this training also included:

Yorkshire and Humber Guidance: A Guide for Education Settings Supporting Children and Young People's Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Needs Which Have Arisen from Covid-19 (Yorkshire and the Humber Children and Young People's Mental health and Clinical Network)

Staff Wellbeing resource (Nottinghamshire EPS)

Wellbeing Audits

A reminder that we urge as many school as possible to complete the CYP and staff wellbeing audits as it is the only way of local strategic planning organisations getting information directly from schools in order to inform future planning.

Due to low attendance numbers, we made a more recent request via email, which replaced the January data set. We will be completing the next round of audits during the March Network Meetings.

If you are unable to attend the meeting you can still contribute by downloading the audit documents here, and return to us at the MHC inbox.

Network Meetings:

Half termly Network Meetings are where we deliver training and facilitate reflective peer supervision for Champions. Other key information is also disseminated through these sessions. Each school is asked to send their Champion to one session per half term. We regret that we do not have the capacity for more than one person from the same school to attend within the same week.

At the moment, these sessions are being delivered online via the Council's chosen platform, WebEx. You do not need to download any software or register to access WebEx, you can access the sessions directly through your browser via the link that will be sent to you when you have signed up via Skills for Bradford.

Please note that during the session, the presenters will be focussing on delivery and will be unable to assist with individual technical difficulties. If most participants are able to see and hear the input, the issue is likely to be with your own device or internet connection. Swapping devices, going to an area with better internet connectivity, or plugging in a speaker of headphones can sometimes help. If you lose connection, we may not be able to re-admit you until a suitable break in the meeting/discussions.

Booking details: Please book via the Skills for Bradford Website: 

Please note that Champions will only receive email notifications and log in details for these sessions once a booking has been made and confirmed/checked out.


Dates for future sessions:

Network Meeting 5: w/c 24th May

Monday 24th May 9.30 - 12 noon for schools in the west area

Tuesday 25th May 9.30 - 12 noon for schools in the north area

Wednesday 26th May 9.30 - 12 noon for schools in the east area

Thursday 27th May 9.30 - 12 noon for schools in the south area

Network Meeting 6: w/c 5th July

Monday 5th July 9.30 - 12 noon – for schools in the west area

Tuesday 6th July 9.30 - 12 noon – for schools in the north area

Wednesday 7th July 9.30 - 12 noon – for schools in the east area

Thursday 8th July 9.30 - 12 noon – for schools in the south area

What area is my school in?

Parent Workshops:

The next round of dates are:

  • Monday 12th April 9.30-11am or
  • Wednesday 14th April 9.30-11am or
  • Monday 19th April 9.30-11am or
  • Wednesday 21st April 9.30-11am

* Sessions may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not met, and any parents/carers booked on to sessions that are cancelled will be offered an alternative.

The topic for these sessions is on supporting children and young people to remain positive during the pandemic

Parents and carers are eligible if the child/young person (up to age 18) in their care lives in the Bradford area. The child or young person does not have to be currently attending school/college.

*Please note, all sessions are for parents and carers only, not school staff or professionals unless they are attending in their capacity as parent of a young person living in Bradford.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation, we are holding our events this term online, via WebEx. Parents/carers will need internet access in order to log in to WebEx, but they do not need to download any software or register a WebEx account.

Booking details: To book please email Charlotte McLaughlin: or call Charlotte on 07816 089217 (before 12 noon please).
Parents are welcome to book directly but we would also accept registrations of interest on behalf of parents from MH Champions in school, and other staff members. Once interest has been registered, log in details and passwords will be sent.

Individual Supervision for Champions:

Each month an Educational Psychologist will be available to talk to Champions on an individual basis regarding their own professional practice as a Mental Health Champion in school. There will be three slots per month, each slot lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes. The subject of the discussion should relate to mental health or emotional wellbeing, and should relate to your role in the matter as an MHC, i.e. low  to medium level mental health or emotional wellbeing concerns.

If Champions feel that the supervisory discussion may involve discussing an individual child or young person in any way, it would be essential to complete a consent form and send it in to us prior to the supervision session. Please note, the consent form is different to the one used for a referral into the main EP service. The form must be signed by a person with parental responsibility. If we do not recieve expressed written consent from a parent, the request will unfortunately be declined.

Please downoad the consent form here, or request a form by emailing the MH Champions inbox (see contact details below).

Please note that the consent form is to ensure parents/carers consent to the child or young person being discussed in a supervisory situation. However, this does not mean that you are making a referral for EP casework.

If the request does not concern a mental health or emotional wellbeing matter, or if it is a higher level matter outside the remit of a Champion, you may be redirected to the EP Team's Consultation Hubs if this is deemed a more appropriate route. (There may be charges for this service for academies - please see the EP page here).


April: Wens 7th am: 9-9:45am; 10-10:45am; 11-11:45am CANCELLED

May: Tues 4th pm: 1-1:45pm; 2-2:45pm; 3-3:45pm

June: Mon 7th am: 9-9:45am; 10-10:45am; 11-11:45am

July: Tues 13th pm: 1-1:45pm; 2-2:45pm; 3-3:45pm

August: Tues 3rd am: 9-9:45am; 10-10:45am; 11-11:45am

Booking details: To book a supervision session please contact Charlotte McLaughlan on 01274 439423 before 12 noon only or email

MHC Newsletters

Find a link to our newsletters below:

January Newsletter 

November newsletter

September newsletter

General queries or to sign up your school to the project/register your Champion:

Please email:

Useful websites and resources:

CYP and staff wellbeing audit  The website for booking your place at network meetings. The online digital counselling service for 11 to 18 years olds commissioned by Bradford CCGs. The online digital counselling service for adults living in the Bradford area. Link to information on this resource for supporting children and young people with emotional regulation. Link to free online resources which explain the fight, flight, freeze and submit responses in user-friendly guides. A useful video that explains how early experiences affect brain development and how this impacts on behaviour. A thought-provoking TED talk about how children 'do well if they can'.


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