Bradford Education Improvement Board

Bradford Education Improvement Board

Purpose / role of the Board

The Bradford Education Improvement Commissioning Board (BEICB) was established in September 2015 to provide a forum to ensure effective collaboration and joint accountability between the Local Authority, formal School Partnerships, the School Forum and Teaching School Alliances within a self-improving school led system. The board reflects the changing roles of schools and local authorities, serves to join the collaborative school partnerships and Teaching School Alliances in Bradford, providing a vehicle for the commissioning and accountability of effective support. It plays a key role in ensuring that the following principles are achieved:

 Bradford is a school-led system

 All schools have to be good or better

 All schools have to belong to a formal partnership

The aims of the BEICB are:

 To ensure resources are effectively deployed and have an impact on the raising of standards in all key stages across the District.

 To identify, discuss and address issues of common concern and avoid unnecessary duplication of resource in order to ensure value for money and efficiency.

 To implement the Bradford commissioning framework in order that schools and settings can access support and targeted intervention and that appropriate funding can be sought where available (e.g. targeted school support fund, DSG).


The membership of the BEICB is reflective of formal Partnerships in Bradford and is constituted from the following membership:

 1 representative from each of the formal school Partnerships (Bradford Partnership, Bradford Primary Improvement Partnership, Catholic Schools Partnership, Special Schools Partnership, Nursery Partnership).

 2 representatives from the Bradford Teaching Schools

 3 representatives from the Local Authority including colleagues seconded from Local Authority to the formal Partnerships (Primary and Secondary)

 2 representatives from the Schools Forum to include the Finance representative and a headteacher

 A Governor representative

 Recruitment & Retention lead

Membership of the BEICB is for two years.

The Board will meet 6 times a year (this may be more regular during the initial stages of the board set up).


 Each representative is responsible for reporting back on activities of the board to the group they represent.

 The BEICB will provide reports, as required, to monitor and evaluate the impact of the commissioning framework and implementation of the workforce talent management strategy and all other commissioned activity.

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