Cognition and Learning Courses

Cognition and Learning Courses

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Our Core Courses

12 weeks

Speech and language in the classroom for

Spring term 2018


12 weeks

Speech and language in the classroom for

Spetember 2017

 @ MMT

12 weeks

Speech and language Support for Under 5s


Summer term 2018


Communication Friendly Schools (CFS)



Runs thoughout the year - refer to flyer for details


The SENCO Overview - 18.01.2018 (1 whole day SENCOs only - this will provide SENCOs with the information they need to support their HLTAs thtough the course and help them manage the intervention)

9 week course for HLTA's begins on the 25.01.2018 every Thursday at MMT

Cost for 9 week course including SENCO Overview,  Resource Folder and Accreditation Fees is £400.00

  • 20:20 Reading Intervention.   Please refer to the flyer for more information about our very sucessful 20-20 training

Delivered in your school as three half-day workshops to train support staff or teachers in delivering a reading intervention.  Cost £400 for up to 10 people –
please consider grouping with other schools to make this cost effective.

Our Workshops

The SENCO Induction Course is a 2 x half day workshop day course for newly appointed SENCOs. Dates: Session 1-17.1.2018, Session 2- 20.6.20187 Cost £100.00

  • Precision Teaching and High Frequency Words Workshop -

              Dates: 06.03.2018

               This will train teachers and TAs to:  Understand how to use the Precision Teaching approach; Know who it is suitable forHave considered which                areas of learning it can be used to target; Have the resources to get started e.g. HFWords, sentence makers

               Cost £50 per person

  • Alphabet Arc Workshop -

Alphabet Arc is a multi-sensory intervention which uses wooden letters of the alphabet to secure or help children to remember letter sounds and names it helps with spelling and syllabification, sequencing and lends itself to practice letter formation. It can be used with children of all ages. Alphabet arc activities can be used as a one to one intervention, pairs, group intervention/ activity, or can be used as an activity for the whole class

Dates: 31.1.2018, 18.4.2018

 Cost £50 per person

  • Motor Skills - the workshops are 1 half day and we will be running two more this year.  See dates and times belo

               This workshop will look at the causes and effects of motor skills immaturity in children.  We will look at the impact of  difficulty  on learning, 
               self-esteem and  behaviour and at ways of remediating and overcoming them.  There will also be a focus on handwriting and how  improve
               this in children.

 Dates: Wednesday 6.12.2017, 14.3.2018, 16.5.2018

 Cost £50 per person

  • How to use and interpret the Dyslexia Portfolio

This work shop will involve an examination of how to use the Dyslexia Portfolio as a screening tool.  It will use a range of case studies to demonstrate how to interpret  results and use them to inform appropriate provision.

Date: 22.11.2017, 8.3.2018,

  • Exam Access and TEXTHELP Read/Write Gold

This workshop will provide an update of exam access regulations.  It will provide information about how to plan and assess for exam access arrangements.  In the afternoon TEXTHELP will showcase Read/Write Gold to support pupils in the classroom and in exams.

Date 15.01.2018

  • Communication Trust Progression Tools Workshop - the workshops are 1 half day and we will be running two more this year.  See dates and times below

          This workshop for SENDCos and HLTAs will explain how to use and interpret the Progression Tools from the Communication Trust. The
           Progression Tools aim to support teaching staff to identify children who may be struggling to develop their speech, language and 
           communication skills. They can also be used to track progression of these skills over time or following interventions/

          Dates: 8.2.2018, 17.5.2018

          Cost £50 per person


TO BOOK - Please see below the link to our full courses booklet and application form: Bradford Schools Online –CPD & Courses – Support services courses







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