Welcome to Bradford Centre of Excellence: Positive Pathways for Young People.

Welcome to Bradford Centre of Excellence: Positive Pathways for Young People.


It benefits everyone in the community as crime can blight anyone, including those who commit offences. We hope the centre can play an important part in preventing crime from happening and so lead to a safer community. 


The programmes that the centre puts on are designed and presented by ex-offenders and prisoners to young people from across the Bradford District who are “at risk”. 


“At risk” young people include those who are vulnerable or excluded, and those who are already offending or who have fallen into problematic lifestyles. The centre’s role is to provide vital support that helps young people resolve problems and chose a positive future.


Our programmes use mentors who work with young people. We believe this is critical to our programmes’ success as our mentors are able to tackle the misconceptions many young people have about prison and prison life. 


Experience elsewhere in the country shows that these kinds of interventions deliver a vast improvement in the numbers of young people who return to mainstream education and refrain from further crime. 


The centre has developed as a partnership. We have a close relationship with West Yorkshire Police and colleagues who work in the youth justice system, and I’d like to thank them for their help in developing the centre.


The centre opened its door April 2015 since then we have had nearly 1200 young people that have attended the sessions.


Young people have come from a whole host of organisations and we would like to thank them for bringing the young people to the centre.

Organisations attended are: Schools, PRU’s, LAC, Youth Service, Youth Offending Team, Bradford and Shipley College, Family First service users, local Mosques, Centre Point and the Police Camp.


For more information contact

Mick Chandsoor
Project lead
Bradford Centre Of Excellence
Positive Pathways for Young people
Bradford Youth Service
Bradford West Office
2 Duckworth Lane
T: 01274 433548 M: 07582109733 F: 01274 434803
 Centre is located at:
Girlington Community Centre
Girlington Road, Bradford, BD8 9NN

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