School Asbestos Management

School Asbestos Management

School Asbestos Concern:

With regards to maintained schools and also Diocese schools there is a long standing policy in place as part of the control of asbestos procedures which states that only the Council’s Asbestos Team will carry out surveys in schools, prior to any works commencing.

It is crucial that Schools inform the Council of any works which they are planning in the school building and that discussions are held with the Council’s Asbestos Unit before any works are undertaken on site.

Letter to Schools from Michael Jameson (Director of Children's Services)



Managing Asbestos in Your School

Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 places a duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises. The legal responsibility to manage asbestos is with the Duty Holder.

The Duty Holder is the budget holder, employer or person in control of a premises (e.g. Chief Executive, School Governors, Trustees, Employer etc.). For the majority of schools/sites, the Duty Holder will be the Employer/Council. Where the budget for building management is delegated to the school/site the duty to manage asbestos will be shared between the Council and the school/site.

To comply with Regulation 4 the Council’s Asbestos Management Unit has produced an Asbestos Management Plan which includes the Premises Asbestos Register. The Asbestos Register lists the asbestos containing materials identified following an asbestos survey.

The Asbestos Management Plan is presented to the Duty Holder to enable them to manage asbestos on site. The Duty Holder will normally be the head teacher in Council controlled schools and the building custodian for Council operated buildings. Using the Asbestos Management Plan the Building Custodian/Head Teacher must manage/monitor all Asbestos Containing Materials identified in the Asbestos Register and ensure that everyone who needs to know about asbestos is told about its presence i.e. maintenance works, contractors, site staff etc. Any damage or deterioration to Asbestos Containing Materials must be brought to the attention of the ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT UNIT.


Where a School/Site is outside the control of the Council the relevant Duty Holder needs to ensure they are complying with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.



Asbestos Management Unit



The Asbestos Management Unit is responsible for managing asbestos within all Council occupied buildings and ensures that the Council complies with all HSE Legislation relating to asbestos.


Bradford Council has an Asbestos Policy (07 Asbestos Policy) that states how Bradford Council will deal with and manage any asbestos within its’ buildings.


As part of the Council’s overall Asbestos Management Strategy the Asbestos Management Unit has produced Asbestos Management Plans (Asbestos Management Plan Information) for all operational buildings, which contain all the information needed for the Building Custodian to manage asbestos in their building.



The Asbestos Management Unit provide the following services:-


  • Advice on management and removal of asbestos containing materials.

  • Identification of suspect asbestos containing materials.

  • Arrangements for asbestos removals.

  • Maintenance of the Council’s Asbestos Data and Documents.





The Asbestos Management Unit is the first point of contact for advice and information on asbestos or to report any asbestos issues/incidents.

If in Doubt ASK.

The Asbestos Unit can be contacted on 01274 433562 or 01274 431000 during Out of Hours



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