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Policy & Guidance for Schools


Looked After Children  - Personal Education Plans and QA Audit Tool


The Personal Education Plan (PEP) is the statutory tool to ensure that all professionals are actively prioritising the education of the young person, carefully tracking progress and supporting the young person to achieve and to be aspirational.


In order to continue to facilitate effective PEP meetings and to create strong PEPS we are asking that schools and Designated Teachers continue to complete the action plan part of the PEP and provide social workers with a copy - Blank PEP Action Plan


To support this process further, the Virtual School for LAC has produced a checklist for assisting schools to quality assure the PEPs of their LAC pupils.

This link takes you to a checklist for your information and to quality assure your existing PEPs and future PEPs.

Good examples of PEPs:





Year 2

Year 6

Year 7



As part of the PEP process, we are requesting that schools review previous PEPs, using the PEP Review Document.  The outcomes of this review can be used to inform the setting of new targets for the latest PEP.  You can download the PEP Review Document here





Additional Support Request Form - This form is for applying to the Virtual School for funding following a conversation with your link Virtual School Teacher.  In order to access additional funding, (over and above the Pupil Premium Plus allocation) the school would need to demonstrate that monies have been spent appropriately for the LAC. 


Looked After Children: The Designated Teachers’s Annual Report to Governors

 Please be aware, it is a statutory requirement for schools to present an annual report to governors on provision for its Looked After Children.

  Your report should include the following:

  1. Numbers of LAC and progress made by Looked After Children in your school

  2. Overview of provision at your school

  3. A case study of a Looked After Child highlighting progress since starting school or going into care and his/her social and emotional well-being

  4. PEP update – numbers completed and range of professionals involved

  5. Income from PPP+, outcomes and impact on attainment through targeted intervention

  6. Attendance

  7. Fixed- term exclusions, if any. Actions taken to address issues and minimise further exclusions for LAC

  8. Any CPD events attended.


Please see an example of an annual report for your information and reference.  



For further information please contact any member of the Virtual School Team.  

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