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Supporting Young Carers in School

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School can be a challenging place for children and young people, and Young Carers often have additional challenges to face as a result of their caring responsibilities. In order to make school as positive an experience as possible for Young Carers we as a service want:

  • Rounded Rectangular Callout: “It’s made life in school easier because I’ve talked to a teacher. It just has”
Young Carer
To raise awareness of Young Carers in school amongst pupils and staff.
  • To identify hidden Young Carers and ensure that they are aware that support is available for them if they need it.
  • To support individual Young Carers who have specific issues in school, for example attendance issues.
  • Rounded Rectangular Callout: “It’s important to sign up to the policy to get more children involved and make children’s lives easier”
Young Carer
  • Rounded Rectangular Callout: “They would be a better school if they signed up because they would be giving good information and may be able to help us go through school life” Young Carer

We want all schools to sign up to the Young Carers School Policy. The Government has reviewed its strategy on carers and part of the consultation identified that Young Carers want better support in school, with more awareness and understanding from other pupils and teachers. Amongst other things, the policy involves appointing a designated member of staff to have special responsibility for Young Carers within their school. It is the responsibility of this person to ensure that the school is working towards implementing the policy. We will offer regular training throughout the year for these designated members of staff (these dates will be advertised on the BSO website news section). This training will ensure you know how and why to support young carers as well as providing you with a resource pack for you and your school.

Here are some of the other things that Young Carers in Bradford said about school and the Young Carers School Policy:

  • “I think they should do this (sign up to the policy) because not many schools and colleges understand what young carers do and give them flexibility.”
  • “It (School Policy) gives support to students and they can perform better academically”


If you are interested in further information about schools work and the Young Carers School Policy, please contact us on 01274 513300 or e-mail BradfordYoungCarers


Young carers are children and young people under 18 who provide regular and on-going care and emotional support to a family member who is physically or mentally ill, disabled or misuses substances’

Bradford Young Carers aims to assist young carers (aged 5 – 18 years old) living in Bradford to fulfil their potential through the provision of sensitive, flexible and tailored support. We aim to be the voice for young carers working in partnership with relevant agencies creating a multi-agency package of support to ensure they have the coping strategies to remove or reduce the impacts they may face as a result of their caring responsibilities. We work towards building resilience among families by offering support based on identifying needs and working on strengths within the family setting as a whole.

The support offered depends upon identified needs (sought through an assessment being carried out) but has included over the last year; group work, individual work, information and guidance support, signposting, advocating on behalf of the young carer or their family, schools work and supporting young carers with health needs.


Young carers upon being referred to the service (anyone can refer just complete the downloadable referral form – N/B Please ensure signatures are gained from parent and child otherwise referral will be sent back) will be allocated a worker.

The worker will complete a referral visit which is to determine whether the child/young person meets the criteria, explain our service and complete various forms such as data protection, health and safety etc.

The worker will complete an assessment with the young carer and an assessment with the parent this is to determine what the strengths and needs are for the family which ultimately goes on to create the young carers action plan.

The young carer then will get their tailor made support which will be received via a range of activities/interventions –

  1. Individual support with their caseworker.
  2. Group work – time limited groups with themes including; anger, self esteem, bullying.
  3. Supporting the young carer to better understand the illness/disability they care for (either through group work or individual support).
  4. Liaising with other agencies to support not only the young carer but the person cared for.
  5. Social/holiday activities to allow young carer to have a break from caring.
  6. Working with the young carer’s school/college where educational issues are a result of the caring role.
  7. On average we work with the young carer for 6 to 12 months.


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Contact Name: Deborah Buxton (Service Manager)

Tel: 01274 513300




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