SEND Documentation February 2015 onwards

SEND Documentation February 2015 onwards


Please use this paperwork for the following:

EA1 Notification

Teaching Support Service Referrals (under 5’s only)

Assessment Place Request for Special School

Children’s Centre Plus Request

Early Years Inclusion Panel funding request (EYIP)

Portage request

Learn & Play request

Equality & Access Officer support

Please return this form by email to: or by post to: Early Years Casework Officers, SEN Early Intervention Team, 7th Floor, Margaret McMillan Towers, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN

The new paperwork must be used from 5th September 2016. Please note we will not accept any requests on the old paperwork from 1st December 2016.

Please click on the links below for more information.

Copy of the request form 




  1. Student/Parental Referral for an EHC Plan Assessment
  2. Request for SEN Support - My Support Plan and Education Health and Care Needs Assessment
  3. SEN Support Template 16+
  4. Early Years Checklist for Request for Assessment
  5. NHS Children’s Continuing Care – Referral Information
  6. My Support Plan Roll Out Training
  7. What's New in Bradford SEND
  8. School Age Progress Grid
  9. SEND Accountability Framework



  1. Conversion review leaflet for parents
  2. Advice to SENCOs on the timeline and activities for the conversion process
  3. Script for the conversion Annual Review
  4. Request for professional information to support the conversion of a Statement to an EHC Plan
  5. Conversion Review (To be completed at the end of the Conversion Review meeting and returned to SEN Servcies)
  6. Conversion Grid A3 document (To support the Conversion review meeting) 
  7. 'This is me - with Pictures' (Conversion review resource for Early Years - Primary)
  8. Other conversion documents
  9. <Out of authority/Other local authority Conversion Review process> (Not for Schools in the Bradford District)
  10. Guidance on writing Needs, Outcomes and Provision in EHCP conversions



An annual review meeting must be held once a year, the purpose of which is to review a child’s or young person’s EHCP . The review of the EHCP should involve the pupil, parents/carers, the school, the Local Authority (LA) and all professionals from other services who are involved.

The Headteacher is responsible for making sure that the annual review meeting is arranged, however this may be delegated to another member of staff.

The focus of the meeting is to monitor and evaluate the continued effectiveness and relevance of the provision set out in the EHCP. This means ensuring that the provision is meeting the child’s/young person’s needs and that the child/young person is making progress.

For children under compulsory school age, the SEN Code of Practice recommends that consideration should be given to informal six monthly reviews of the EHCP; these could be classed as interim reviews.

For further about information about EHCP Annual review click here

To view the children and young person’s view form for the EHCP Annual Review click here

To view a pictorial example of a child/young person’s EHCP annual review click here

Annual Review flow chart 

  1. Annual Review of EHCP
  2. Statement and Statement Review Documentation



We have produced draft paper work to introduce the preparing for Adulhood outcomes into review meetings for young people transfering from school to other settings. We are currently discussing the draft paperwork with representatives from schools, professionals and parents. We anticipate that the final paperwork will be available by the end of June 2016. In the meantime the draft paperwork is available below. 

HT Report - Annual Rev of the EHCP - PFA Yr9 & 10

EHCP Review Year 11

Preparing for Adulthood Reviews and Timeline




  1. 'Education' professional report for an EHC Plan Assessment

All requests for Health Advice from any school or setting in the Bradford Metropolitan District should now be sent to:

Richard Holmes or Michael Callan

Business Support

Shipley Health Centre

Alexandra Road


BD18 3EG

Telephone numbers (Richard Holmes 01274 228462 // Michael Callan 01274 228463)

Richard and Michael have a list of dates for Conversion reviews and have access to the appropriate health professionals. They will return the latest health information to the school or setting where it is available.




  1. Referral to a Teaching Support Service
  2. Early Years TSSR (SEN Early Intervention Team)  Please use the following link for supporting documents: SEN Early Intervention Team Page
  3. Information from Education to support referral to “Bradford Child Development Service” Paediatrician and Guidance for Teachers/ SENCo’s on use of the form “Education Report; Information from Education to Support Referral to Bradford Child Development Service Paediatrician”


  1. EHCP form (Blank)

  2. Example Section F

  3. EP led conversion review workshop dates

  4. FAQs

  5. Conversion process powerpoint as a pdf


Presentations/PfA Paperwork from SENCO Network Briefing - 15th June 2016.

SENCO Network June 2016

SENCO Training - Preparing for Adulthood June 2016

Educational Psychology Assessment State of the nation 

Pfa Outcomes for transition reviews

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