Policy for 14-19 education

Policy for 14-19 education

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Key initiatives for 14 -19 education

There are a number of delivery models that will meet the challenges the district faces in terms of skills shortages, based on ongoing research and intelligence as reflected in the annual Statement of Need:

Industrial Centres for Excellence

Industrial Centres of Excellence (ICE) are an innovative way of providing education for young people aged 14 – 19. 

ICE work by building strong and lasting partnerships between employers and education providers so that the skills young people develop match those that employer’s need.

The ICE we are developing across the Bradford District are focussing on sectors that are key to our future prosperity.

ICE are partnership driven. They involve businesses and education providers working together to develop the curriculum young people are taught, and the environment they are taught in.  They aim to build the highly-skilled young workforce which will attract more companies and investment into the area.

The partnership is a long-term one that will mean the curriculum young people are taught can respond to the latest business developments.  This approach means that practical experience of work and business blends with school, college and university work so that students develop skills that are fit-for-purpose.

ICE developments

The ICE approach has been recognised at Awards ceremonies and featured in national studies.

ICE is a key strand of the Bradford Pathways Approach and the Education Covenant. More information can be found on the Council website.

14-16 year olds in Colleges

FE and sixth form colleges can also  enrol 14-16 year olds directly on a full-time basis. Colleges do not have to make this offer and this is their decision to take, however colleges will need to meet certain criteria to qualify for funding.

The DfE's website has a lengthy Q&A on the process and considerations for colleges looking to put a 14-16 offer in place.

To date there are no known plans for direct College enrolment at any of the campuses within the District, although this may not be the case in bordering Local Authorities; existing collaborative arrangements in the District involving some college delivery of part of KS4 are not  affected by these flexibilities.



Traineeships are a programme to help young people aged 16 to 24 to develop the skills they need to secure Apprenticeships and other sustainable employment. For those aged 16 to 18, Traineeships fit within broader study programmes for young people.

Post-16 Work Experience

Work experience forms an integral part of the 16-19 study programmes.

Schools and colleges will be expected to offer their students high quality and meaningful work experience as part of their 16-19 study programme to give the student a valuable experience of the work environment and develop their employability skills.

Alongside this, it is expected that 16-19 study programmes promote enterprise-related activities and entrepreneurial skills as part of the students’ 16-19 provision to further enhance their employability prospects.

Pre 16 Work Experience

Work Experience for students at Key Stage 4 can provide an opportunity to explore the world of work and gain an insight into how an organisation operates.  The student will undertake “hands on” activities at employer’s premises in a specific risk assessed environment suitable for a young person.  Students are eligible to start work experience from Year 10 upwards through either a one or two week block week(s) or as an extended work related learning opportunity ie one day per week for a term.

Bradford Council’s Xperience Team is the central work experience organiser and together with business partners create inspirational work placement opportunities for young people.  Xperience provide a comprehensive service for schools participating in bespoke work placement programmes. To discuss your requirements further, please contact us at: Email: xperience@bradford.gov.uk or 01274 439600.



Apprenticeships are a vital component for businesses to address their human resource challenge.  They provide a rigorous period of training and assessment allowing people to acquire high levels of technical and specialist knowledge and skills.  They develop the talent that businesses need to be successful.

Developing the local talent pool is essential for Bradford’s social and economic prosperity, and this is a key development priorityfor the District to realise the ambitions of the Council's Economic Growth Strategy.


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