Property Management

Property Management


Building and Technical Services Services information can now be accessed via the new website  

Please register your interest for the SLA directly through the website. Click on customer login and select 'sign up for the SLA'. Once you set yourself up as a customer via the secure website we can arrange to visit you (if requested) and organise the tasks as per your requirements. Please print off, completed and resend a scanned copy of the SLA  document to BTS.

It is important to note that all SLA's run in line with the Financial Year so subscriptions for 2017-18 SLA's (to commence 1 April 2017) must be submitted to BTS before the end of March 2017  (unless otherwise agreed with BTS).  Failure to do so may lead to an admin charge being incurred. 

All schools, academies and free schools can subscribe to the service which provides access to technical experts and helps Heads to manage property related issues at their school around specific building management legislation.  You must have an SLA with us in order for us to give you advice or manage your projects.

The services included within the package are not exhaustive so if you would like to enquire about any building related service for your school (or require clarity on a specific point  within the SLA) then please do not hesitate to email  For an urgent response to an enquiry please contact Razwana on 01274 431419 or Noreen Nazir on 07582100495 (Tues, Wed & Thurs only).  General enquiries/requests for repairs can be sent to  or for more ugent repairs/advice contacted the helpdesk via phone on 01274 431877


The policy has been reviewed.  Please familarise yourself with it to ensure your school remains compliant. Legionella Policy

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