LSS Provision Management

LSS Provision Management

Why use a Provision Management Tool?


A provision management tool is an excellent way of recording all the interventions and measures taken in and out of the classroom to support children on the SEN register.  It allows you to record and plan the range of support available to pupils with SEN within your school. It can be used as part of the planning process in a number of ways to:

  • be effective in planning a graduated response to children's identified needs
  • audit how well provision matches need and recognise gaps in provision;
  • plan development to meet pupils’ identified needs;
  • set annual success criteria for the SEN policy;
  • report annually on the success of the SEN policy;
  • demonstrate accountability;
  • inform parents, LEA, external agencies and OFSTED inspectors of how resources are being used to meet individual needs;
  • primarily focus attention on whole-school issues of QFT and learning;
  • record changes in provision and transfer easily from class to class or school to school;
  • be used as a basis for writing individual pupil documents. 


What Provision Management Tools are available?


Provision can be systematically managed in a range of ways. Many of us will be aware of current paper methods that, whilst familiar, adaptable and require few ICT skills, provide little in the way of holistic analysis.

At the other end of the scale are databases such as  

Which are powerful but can be difficult to tailor to individual school requirements.

What has been developed?


In partnership with SENCo LAPs in Bradford and Keighley, Learning Support Service identified a gap in the current range available and designed a provision management tool which occupies the middle ground. SENCos overwhelmingly expressed a preference for a tool which was not prescriptive, but was flexible and adaptable enough to meet the variable requirements in each school.




LSS Provision Management Tool.


The LSS Provision Management Tool consists of... 


 Blank Spreadsheet

Excel Icon

a freely downloadable proforma spreadsheet - your starting point for creating a tailored provision map for your school

Sample Spreadsheet     

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a  proforma spreadsheet with sample data.

ICT Methods

PDF icon

a training package of ICT methods and tips - including a freely downloadable supporting pack which shares the methods, tips and tricks that have been used to turn the spreadsheet into a powerful provision management tool.     

  PDF icon More Tips: How to use Mail Merge to create documents from your spreadsheet.
  PDF icon More Tips: Hyperlinks and Inserting and Deleting Columns




Please contact Fiona Whitaker on 01274 385833 for details on current training options.

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