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Bradford Schools Online Data Tools

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What Data Tools are available in Bradford Schools Online?

The Data Sharing Protocol


What Data Tools are available in Bradford Schools Online?

There is a number of Data Tools within Bradford Schools Online for you to use help explore and manage your data. The tools are only available after you have logged in, then navigate to Our School > Data Tools.

The tools avaiable are explained in this leaflet and below:

Tool What is it?

Key Data

High level data that provides a ‘picture’ of your school

Standard Reports

A set of reports drawn from Deeper Data that all schools are likely to need

Deeper Data

 The opportunity to explore attainment outcomes for vulnerable groups or the whole school. The tool provides the opportunity to compare outcomes with other schools.

Data Dashboard

Access to a range of reports that include the Local Authority, Statistical Neighbours, attainment Gap, at all Key Stages. A summary of all Bradford and National results over the last 10 years is included.


A report of the most recent FFT estimates (held within Standard Reports)

School Detail

A summary of the school’s contact details. These can be updated through School Finder

The Data Sharing Protocol

Many of the above tools involve schools sharing their data. The terms under which this is done are available in the Data Sharing Protocol.

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