Transition Day for 2018 will fall on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

Some excellent practice is used to support pupils transferring from primary to secondary school and we would like to build on this by producing additional information in respect of those pupils who are known to the City of Bradford MDC, Department of Children's Services support teams.

We provide the respective secondary schools with the following details of Year 6 pupils where they are known to BSS:

  • The allocated secondary school
  • Any Children's Services support teams that have been involved with the pupil, ie Behaviour Support Service-Specialist Teaching Team, ESWS, during Year 6
  • If the pupil has a Statement of SEN
  • If the pupil has been the subject of two or more fixed periods of exclusion during the last academic year
  • If the pupil is a Looked After Child (LAC)
  • If the pupil is currently accessing off-site provision and where

It is anticipated that this information will support existing arrangements in the preparation of a robust transition plan between the respective primary and secondary school.

Your school needs to call a review before the Easter break with the respective secondary school where information can be exchanged and transition plans can be drawn up.  Templete transition documents are below.  The Transition Plan is the joint responsibility of primary schools and the receiving secondary school.  The continued involvement of Children's Services support teams, post transfer, will need to be re-negotiated as part of the transition planning process.  Where assistance is required, please contact Karen Roper, Lead Inclusion Officer on 01274 439333.

Data Collection Sheet

Involving Parents

Transition Strategies

Blank Transition Form


Year 6 Collection Sheets

Please can you complete this for your Year 6 pupils and send to the destination secondary school by the end of May.

Many thanks for your time and support in this.

Data Collection Sheet

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