SENCo Induction Resources

SENCo Induction Resources

  SENCo Induction Resources

These resources were developed as part of the SENCo induction training delivered by the Behaviour Support Service - Specialist Teaching Team (BSS-STT).

They include resources to be used for children with social and emotional difficulties as well as some examples of paperwork that could be used by school SENCo’s to set up or enhance their existing systems.

The resources have been successfully used by several SENCo’s in their schools and feedback received by the BESD team has been positive.


Guidelines for Assessment


Strategies for Supporting Pupils with SEN 


BESD KS 1-2 (SEN Guidance Grid)


Behaviour Checklists

IDP Resources


ABC Sheets


BSS/BESD Referral Form


Staged Approach


Code of Practice


SEN Policy & Practice


Sample Record & Review Sheets


Sample Pupil Views for Reviews


Provision Mapping


PowerPoint Presentation





Guidelines for Assessment (SAMPLE)


Strategies for Supporting Pupils with SEN


BESDKS 1-4 (SEN Guidance Grid) A4


Behaviour Checklists

Behaviour Environment Checklist (SAMPLE)

ABC Behaviour Log (linked to a schools behaviour expectations) (SAMPLE)

Behaviour Frequency Observation Chart (SAMPLE)

Pupil Behaviour During Teacher Input (SAMPLE)

SEBD Screening Checklist (SAMPLE)

Individual Behaviour Plan (SAMPLE)


IDP Resources

Identifying SLCN Primary

Barriers to learning – understanding

Barriers to learning – expressive

Barriers to learning – social and functional

Barriers to learning – speech sounds

Barriers to learning – dyslexia primary

Skills & Behaviour Checklist ASD

Sensory Checklist ASD

Link to SEN IDP page


ABC Sheets

ABC Behaviour Log Form

Behaviour Analysis Sheet

ABC Behaviour Analysis Sheet

Behaviour Action Plan

ABCs of Behaviour


BSS/BESD Referral Form (SAMPLE)


Staged Approach


Table - Primary

Table - Secondary


Code of Practice


Case Studies

Referral Checklist


SEN Policy & Practice


Sample Record & Review Sheets

Record of Concern

Record of Concern – Action

IEP Review Sheet – SA

IEP Review Sheet – SA+

IEP Review Sheet – Statement


Sample Pupil Views for Reviews

Foundation Review Sheet (Mr Men)

Key Stage 1 Review Sheet (Mr Men)

Key Stage 1 Review Sheet (Ladybirds)

Key Stage 2 Review Sheet (Pencils)


Provision Mapping

Provision Map Blank

Provision Map Blank – with levels


PowerPoint Presentation - coming soon!


NB: The SAMPLE documents are version controlled and updated on a regular basis therefore should be accessed via ISO/BSO.  The links provided on this page are kept up to date regularly by the page owner.

Any out of date documents submitted to BSS/BSS-STT such as referral forms run the risk of being rejected by the service.

If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact the BSS-STT Admin on 01274 439328.

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