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Physical & Medical Team





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Deborah Craig


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Anne Wogden


Deborah Craig

  Ann Tolan

Ann Gabriel



Barbara Bartle






Department of Children's Services

Physical & Medical Team 
Margaret McMillan Tower,
Prince's Way,



Tel: 01274 439500





 About Us

 Physical & Medical Team

The team consists of specialist teachers who provide a service for children and their parents in mainstream schools and settings, including the home.

We support children with a range of physical difficulties and medical conditions within the age range birth to 19 years.

Children are referred via a standard school TSSR form or through notification from health professionals via an EA1 Form.

Children/ Students may have difficulties in the following areas:

  • Specific physical and medical conditions.
  • Accessing the curriculum because of constraints of physical disability.
  • Movement around school.
  • Fine motor skills (handwriting, pencil control, and scissor skills).
  • Gross motor skills (P.E. and co-ordination).
  • Self-help skills (continence issues, dressing etc). 

Range of Service

We give advice on the following:

  • Transition across school phases and between settings
  • Range of facilities and accessibility of different schools.
  • Specialist and adapted equipment.
  • Making buildings and the curriculum accessible.
  • Pupil specific resources for ICT.
  • On meeting manual handling needs of pupils and on training providers.


 Support given

  • Loan of specialist equipment.
  • Ensure appropriate facilities and / or programmes are in place to meet the physical / medical needs of the child in conjunction with health professionals.
  • Ensure a personal care policy / medical care plan is in place if necessary.
  • Contribute to statutory assessment procedures.
  • Attend and contribute to Annual Review.
  • Advise on differentiation, teaching strategies and resources.
  • Contribute to IEP.  
  • Liaise with outside agencies, parents and school staff.
  • Accompany parents on school visits. 


Referral forms

The forms for referring children can be found below. Please use the TSS Referral form for initial referrals and the Spotlight referral form for children already known to the team.

TSS Referral form

Spotlight Referral form




 Writing Slopes


 Writestart Desktop


  Angled Writing Board

Teenager Lever Arch Slope


Alternative Scissors

  Scissor Assessment Kit

  Scissor Selection Bag


Pencil Grips and Pens


   Pencil Grip Selection Box

 Move Easy Pencils

 Move Easy Pens


Other Products

 Dycem non-slip material


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