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Welcome to the SEN Early Intervention Team page, we hope it provides a clear overview of our work and any information you are looking for.

If you need anything further please email:


Contact List

Head of SEN Early Intervention Team: Ronnie Hartley

Early Years Specialist Teachers:

  • Bradford West - Helen Pattinson/Deborah Sharp
  • Bradford East - Gail Swinfield
  • Bradford South - Sylvia Cramp
  • Keighley & Shipley - Nasrat Raqib

Specialist Early Years Practitioner: Karen Russell

Portage Co-ordinator: Janice McKinley

Senior Portage Home Visitor: Janine Wood

Portage Home Visitors: Kerry Cawley, Wakhida Akhtar, Erum Iqbal, Heather Slater, Lisa Haley, Lucy Dawson, Suzanne Palmer & Louise Williamson

Equality & Access Officers: (managed by Pauline Naylor) Kath Tate, Helen Hirst, Jo Sunley, Beverley Ellis, Peter Murray (based in Keighley) Julie Coverdale (based in Keighley)

Early Years SEN Casework Officers: Paula Hart & Gill Grosset

Administrative Assistants: Joy Kelly (SEN Early Intervention Team) & Anna Chatburn (Portage Team)

Contact Address:

Department of Children's Services
SEN Services
SEN Early Intervention Team
Margaret McMillan Towers 
Princes Way
BD1 1NN 

Tel: 01274 439500 (central admin no.)


About Us


  • The Early Years SEN Specialist Support & Outreach Services includes the Portage Team and the Pre 5 Teaching Support Team
  • The Portage Team provide a home visiting and early education support group service for pre-school children with additional needs and their families.
  • The Pre 5 Teaching Support Team provides an advisory, assessment and teaching service for children from birth to the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children will have an identified additional support need in at least one of the prime areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Range of Services

  • The SEN Early Intervention Team is able to provide support, advice, assessment and training to children and parents and carers in their homes, preschool settings and /or schools.

Referrals to the Early Intervention Team

  • The Portage Team have an open referral system via a Portage Enquiry Form for parents, carers and professionals.
  • The Pre 5 Teaching Support Team receives referrals from EA1 notifications; a form from health informing education that a child may have an additional support needs. Children attending a Bradford school can be referred at SEN Code of Practice graduated approach, via a Teaching Support Service Referral (TSSR) form. For children between ranges 2 & 4 - see the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance 

Children Referred to the SEN Early Intervention Team will:

  • Live within the Bradford District
  • Be aged from birth until the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Have an additional support need in at least one area of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage

The Team provides a service to children, their parents, carers, settings and schools including:

  • Partnership working with parents and carers
  • Information and support to parents and carers
  • Portage regular home visits following the Portage Early Education model through play based activities
  • Pre 5 Teaching Support  home, setting and/or school based work with an individual child including observation, monitoring and assessment
  • Liaison and joint working with other agencies involved with the child
  • Promote and advise on strategies which support the inclusion of children with additional support needs
  • Training and support for individuals and for groups of staff including delivery of the 3 Day Portage Basic Workshop training
  • Involvement in meetings, assessment, planning and review, in line with the SEN Code of Practice
  • Support Transitions
  • Advice and/or loans of specialist resources
  • Social activities for children and their parents and carers.


New - Request for Early Years SEND 0-7 Pathway Services

Request for Early Years SEND 0-7 Pathway Services

Please use the above request form for the following:

EA1 Notification

Teaching Support Service Referrals (under 5’s only)

Assessment Place Request for Special School

Children’s Centre Plus Request

Early Years Inclusion Panel funding request (EYIP)


Learn & Play

Equality & Access Officer support

Please return this form by email to: or by post to: Early Years Casework Officers, SEN Early Intervention Team, 7th Floor, Margaret McMillan Towers, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN

The new form will be used from 5th September 2016. Please note we will not accept any requests on the old paperwork from 1st December 2016.

Guidance to assist you with completing the form is here: Guidance

Local Offer:


Teaching Support Service Referral:


SEN Guidance


Specialist Provision:

Learn & Play:

Learn and Play Leaflet
Learn and Play Offer
Learn & Play Commitment Form (parents)
Learn & Play Commitment Form (setting)

If you have shared the above information with a family and they are interested in a Learn & Play place for their child, please ask them to complete the following form and return it to Gill Grosset/Paula Hart, EY SEN Casework Officers, SEN Early Intervention Team, 7th Floor, Margaret McMillan Tower, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN: Learn and Play Essential Information Form


Pre-5 Teaching Support Team -

Useful Documents

Assessment Planning & Provision:


Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Personal, Social & Emotional Development:
  • Early Support - Information about Behaviour
  • Nurture Groups
  • Reference Materials:
    Louise Bomber - What About Me?: Inclusive Strategies to Support Pupils with Attachment Difficulties Make it Through the School Day

    Louise Bomber - Inside I'm Hurting: Practical Strategies for Supporting Children with Attachment Difficulties in Schools


Communication & Language:


Physical Development


Self Care:


Thinking Skills:

  •  Reading Materials:

     C Athey, Extending thought in Young Children
     T.Bruce Getting to Know You
     C Nutbrown Threads of Thinking
     F. Atherton Understanding Schema and Young Children


Early Support:


Specific Disabilities:

Autistic Spectrum Condition: 

Down Syndrome:  

Celebral Palsy:


Education, Health & Care Plans:











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