Autism Spectrum Team

Autism Spectrum Team


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The Autism Spectrum team now have a facebook page! The team will be posting details of support and training as well as other information which would be interesting for professionals working alongside children and young people with a diagnosis of autism. 

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How the Autism Team becomes involved with children and settings


Who do we work with?

We work with pupils and staff in local mainstream settings and schools.

In order to access the service children must have a formal diagnosis of an autism.  If you need clarification on this then please contact a member of the team on:

01274 439500.

Please note:-

We offer advice and support for other children who have communication and interaction difficulties via our Early Years and Primary drop-in sessions which are in our Hub schools (see below).  Secondary school pupils can be referred to the member of staff from the team who works with your school following consultation with your link teacher.

How do we work with settings?

Primary School

A copy of the child’s diagnosis will be copied into the AS Team (subject to parental consent to share the information) and placed onto our system.  If the school require involvement from our team they will need to complete a referral form (PRF) and the supporting documents. Range Guidance made easy; Sensory Profile for an individual pupil and the Wellbeing Referral Form. Click here

Primary pupils known to the service

In the first instance, please attend a Hub to discuss concerns about individual pupils at one of our many drop-in sessions. Solutions to problems are often found as a result of these discussions.

Click here to find our Hub dates.

If a referral for an individual pupil is required, this should be completed on the Primary referral form (PRF).


Secondary School

A copy of the child’s diagnosis will be copied into the AS Team (subject to parental consent to share the information) and placed onto our system.  If they require involvement from our team, an individual referral form (SRF)  will need to be completed. For other areas of support required (e.g. training and SENCo support) there is a separate bid form (SBF).

Supporting Documentation

Wellbeing profile

The Wellbeing profile has been designed to look carefully at the skills that a young person needs to promote good mental health and wellbeing.

Please return these documents to the member of staff that visits your setting

Debbie Harris, Autism Spectrum Team,
Floor 7, Margaret  McMillan Towers,
Princes Way.  BD1 1NN.


It is advisable to ask for additional input from the team to supplement a request for an EHCP for a child. Please do this before the request is submitted to SEN.


Sometimes schools may need support from the team urgently. Please contact LSS Admin on 01274 439500 to speak to a teacher in the AS Team. The teacher will offer telephone advice and will activate a referral should this still be felt to be necessary.


Who we are and how to access our service.



Specialist Teachers:  


Sarah Gates


Debbie Harris


Joanne Evans


Lucy Stead



Specialist Practitioners:

Lauren Potter


Pauline Dempsey


Shelley Donnison


Nigel Hunter


Sarah Jamison








Department of Children's Services
Autism Spectrum Team 
Margaret McMilan Tower

Tel: 01274 439500







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