NQT Resources - Appropriate Body selection and NQT registration

NQT Resources - Appropriate Body selection and NQT registration

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All schools are required to select an Appropriate Body (AB) to oversee the induction of their NQTs.

This contract must be renewed by all schools each year as part of our QA process.

Schools wishing to use CBMDC as the Appropriate Body now register this intent, along with their Option choice for the year and where necessary a Purchase Order number, on the online system - NQT Manager. Information on the process, the agreement and options available can be found in the document below.

Charges for the Appropriate Body function for 2020-21 will remain the same as those for 2019-20.

Appropriate Body agreement document 2020-21


Purchase orders

We have now made it possible to add purchase order numbers to the registration forms on NQT Manager, however schools must be careful to use only one PO number for NQT induction in the academic year, regardless of how many NQTs there are in school during that time.


Schools in which NQTs are continuing from one academic year to another, and in which there are no other new NQTs, will be emailed with a different agreement form at the end of September 2020.



All NQT registrations are completed using NQT manager.

Any school without login details wishing to use CBMDC as the Appropriate Body should use the "Register a new co-ordinator" button on NQT manager and then follow the instructions.

An excel document has been created to help with the registration process which contains all of the questions that will be asked on NQT Manager and some additional comments. This document can be downloaded here.



EXEMPLAR ASSESSMENT FORM - Assessment 1 - Primary

EXEMPLAR ASSESSMENT FORM - Assessment 1 - Secondary

EXEMPLAR ASSESSMENT FORM - Assessment 2 - Secondary

EXEMPLAR ASSESSMENT FORM - Final assessment - Primary


PART TIME NQTs - NQT Manager will automatically calculate when NQTs' forms are due if they are on a part-time contract. Please refer to the NQT's Overview page on NQT Manager to see these dates.

Prior to an NQT commencing this can be checked using this PDF, however it is advised that schools check with the AB in advance of registering part-time NQTs if there are any questions.

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