Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

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NQT Welcome Event

We are happy to announce that we are once again able to run the NQT Welcome event.

The date is Wednesday 26 September.

NQTs will have the opportunity to attend one of three 3 hour conferences on that day

09:00-12:00; 12:30-15:30 or 16:00-19:15

NQT Welcome Event flier - 

To book your new NQTs onto one of the sessions please follow THIS LINK.

Please note this will not be through NQT Manager or BSO


NQT mentor training 2018-19

Dates have been planned for training for new mentors in this academic year.

If you wish to attend any of these dates please log on to the course using the tab on NQT Manager.

If your school does not currently have NQTs registered with CBMDC then please contact the NQT Induction email account.


Course Title



Cost to all delegates


NQT Mentor Training 




Margaret McMillan Tower

NQT Mentor Training




Margaret McMillan Tower

NQT Mentor Training




Margaret McMillan Tower


There is no longer any central training for NQTs,

but other training is being delivered by TSAs and LAPs and partnerships.






We have now agreed with Leeds Council NQT induction team that should any Bradford Mentors not be able to attend our training we would signpost Leeds' courses so that there is the possibility of attending those instead.

Bradford schools would need to be aware however that the messages would be Leeds' own approach to induction and support and might slilghtly differ from those of Bradford, but the statutory elements of course will be the same.

Leeds also use NQT Manager.

The dates of their forthcoming courses are as follows:

Primary and Secondary: NQT Induction Coordinator/Tutor Training - course code NQT-0118-T002 - 11/01/2018 - 09:00-16:00 - North East Learning Centre - information leaflet 

Primary and Secondary: NQT Induction Coordinator/Tutor Training - course code NQT-0618-T001 - 29/06/2018 - 09:00-16:00 - John Charles Sports Centre - information leaflet

To book please go to 


Leeds are also running Inspirational Talks which are open to NQTs - information leaflets are available here:

Leeds Eventbrite NQT Talks

Cat Williams

Ross Morrision McGill

Andy Griffith

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