Reporting all forms of bullying related incidents

Reporting all forms of bullying related incidents

If a bullying incident of any nature has occured, all schools are asked to complete the online Sentinel Report.

Instructions for using Sentinel.

If you have problems logging on please contact Tracy Lennie on 01274 439383 or Javed Bashir on 01274 439385


Malicious letters- advice for schools


You may have heard in the media this weekend about letters being sent to people regarding a so- called ‘punish a Muslim day’ on April 3rd. There have also been reports of the letters being circulated on social media such as Snapchat. Counter Terrorism Policing North East are investigating the matter and have issued the following statement,


"Over the past few days a number of letters have been reported across the UK in the form of letters that have been sent to unnamed individuals. We have been aware of these letters since Friday 9 March and have been working with the council and other groups to ensure any letters are collected so we can fully investigate this. The letters intend to cause fear and offence. Police understand that to receive one can be extremely upsetting and we are working hard to identify who is responsible. If you do receive post that is threatening or abusive please stop people touching it, place the envelope and letter in a clear plastic bag and contact the local police on 101 with as much detail as possible".



It will help defeat the perpetrators’ malicious intentions if we avoid giving the issue the oxygen of publicity but If you have any particular concerns from pupils and parents that you would like advice on, please feel free to contact me on 01274 437770 / 07870991647.


Danielle King

Bradford Prevent Education Officer

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