Art Day Workshops

Art Day Workshops

The Music & Arts Service Visual and Performing Arts offer a range of workshops.  Please see the information below for further details about the dance, drama and performance, and visual arts workshops.

Dance Workshops

Shuma Pal: Indian Dancer
Shuma is an experienced teacher of Indian dance both to adults and to pupils of various ages. Days are suitable for either Key Stage and can be adapted to fit the schools’ needs. Days include history of the art form, performance as well as opportunity for pupils and staff to take part. This day is suitable for schools studying India or as part of the PE curriculum.

Salma Zaman: Bollywood Dancer
Salma is the founder of the districts first Bollywood dance school and has worked in the medium for over twenty years both as a teacher and advisor on TV and film. All Salma’s days are designed to suit the requirements of the school and the age range in consultation with school staff. Days could include Bollywood fitness, Bhangra dance as well as the history of the artform and general acting and dancing techniques.

Modern & Traditional Dance
We have the services of a number of dancers who can adapt workshops to work with most age ranges and adapt lessons to suite the school. We have the services of male dancers who have experience in motivating pupils to whom dance would not come natural including advocates of many forms of street dance. We also have rappers and performance poets available.

Prices  - £396 Full Day    
              - £275 Half Day

Drama and Performance Workshops

Emma Fountain : MAORI POI
Poi" is the Maori word for "ball" on a cord
The Poi was used, many years ago, by the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand to increase their flexibility and strength in their hands and arms as well as improving coordination.Our expert in ‘’Poi’’ will explain the history and traditions of Poi followed by a performance and workshop in Poi techniques.



Peter Turner has worked for over twenty years as a professional circus-trained clown. He has a degree in Developmental Psychology and has performed for over half a million people as ‘Peanut the Clown’. His professional commitment is ‘to empower children through the circus arts, wherever they are in their lives’.
You can find out more about his work by visiting his website and see his work by typing in ‘PeteTurner123’ into YouTube.
‘I have worked with Peanut the Clown on numerous occasions in the past and have found him to be creative, flexible and imaginative in all aspects of his work. His enthusiasm at engaging with children, young people and families is inspiring and his flare for multi tasking, impressive! I would be happy to recommend Pete Turner to any school, early years setting or community group and am confident they will not be disappointed.’
Gemma Sargeant, TNLP Trust – Extended Services

Who are these workshops for?
Circus has a wide appeal but these workshops ‘take’ most successfully with the KS1 and KS2. This is because circus workshops look like ‘playing’ (and of course, it is tremendous fun) but the art-form is based on gaining focus and accepting discipline. The workshops can be adapted to suit the needs, age, abilities and environment of the individual school. I have designed workshops of different lengths and range to cope with small groups, classes & whole schools and specific issues as well as for school messages.
General Objectives:
 to introduce children the circus art form
 to gain skill and experience of performance
 to enhance personal development and health
 to support curriculum attainment
Specific objectives:
 introduction to the Clown & circus skills (including three types of juggling, diabolo, rhythm stick, hula hoop, balance, spinning plate – and more).
 to enhance positive behavior,
 to teach co-operation & team working,
 to enable creativity & performance discipline,
 to teach self-directed learning,
 to enjoy physical exercise,
 to have fun!
For further information contact Pete Turner:-
T: 0113 240 6486

Malcolm Hanson: Historian & Dramatist
Malcolm is a local historian who as worked extensively with Skipton and Keighley district schools over the past decade. Outside of education Malcolm is a published author of local history and a historical guide in the area. Malcolm is available for half day bookings to come to school in historical dress assuming a character to give interactive presentations to classes as year groups on a chosen historic period. Past presentations have been James Brindly the canal innovator and at present he is developing a second world war character. The unique aspect of these presentations is Malcolm will link the historical period to local history and people and places known to the pupils. Malcolm is also available for half term bookings where he will work with staff and pupils on building a heritage trail personal to the school. These series of half days are perfect for the creative curriculum linking history, geography and literacy. If you are interested in any other historic period please enquire as Malcolm is very adaptable and has a very extensive knowledge of history.

Prices  - £396 Full Day     
              - £275 Half Day 

Visual Arts Workshops

For a slideshow of examples of previous workshops please click here.

School Mural
We have a number of artists who can work with staff and pupils to create a school mural internal or external. Past murals include an 8 meter long Mondrian painting by a nursery class and anti-bullying murals, however, any theme can be undertaken. Murals can be completed in one day or run over a number of weeks.

We have the services of a number of experienced sculptures who specialise in working with young people. Sculptures can be designed to be suitable for internal or external display and be made out of the schools desired materials. Past projects include junk modelling and the continents, however, your sculptures can be designed to fit your needs.

We have potters who work in various styles and some who are internationally known and exhibited. Potters can be used for one day long projects to increase staff confidence in the teaching of the subject or for longer projects.

Fabric hangings
We have the services of artists who are experienced in a number of fabric techniques including batik, silk-printing, collage among others. These skills can be taught to children to aid them in the production of hangings perfectly suited to fill those large spaces in school halls and other high spaces in your school

Screen printing
An introduction to the art of screen printing designed to be instructive for staff as well as pupils. Designed in a way that attending staff will be left with the skills to make screens and other screen printing materials and have the confidence to lead lessons and workshops. Pupils will have the opportunity to produce art work in a new and exciting medium. The day can be amended for staff and pupils who have already used screen printing and want to develop their skills.

An introduction to the totem pole
An interesting day combining a historical study of the fascinating Native American culture with 3D Art. The day will correct the misunderstandings regarding Totem poles and the idea of them as pagan objects of worship and show pupils how they are celebrations of clan stories, legends and historic persons. The end result will be a class totem pole illustrating a story of your choice designed by the pupils.

Key Stage 1 days

ABORIGINAL ART: An introduction to the mysteries of aboriginal art. The day will also include stories from Dream Time; find out why the emu can’t fly! At the end of the day you will have a large wall hanging made up of a patch work of individual children’s work.

MINI BEAST DAY: Linked with Key Stage 1 Science. Includes sculptures of insects and large paintings on wood and fabric of the insect world. 

ABSTRACT SCULPTURE DAY: Linked with Key Stage 1 ’What is Sculpture Topic’. Working individually and in groups, children design abstract shapes that are then transferred to MDF to make free standing sculptures. The day will also include 2D abstract painting.

SCHOOL ZOO DAY: Working to a scale fitting your school, children design and build MDF animal sculptures to decorate your school internally or externally.

Key Stage 2 themed days
Days combine History and other topics with fun art activities extending children’s knowledge of the chosen history period. Days are suitable for classes or entire key stages.

GREEK DAY: A multi-media day which includes the building of scale models of the Parthenon the Trojan Horse and fabric painting.

EGYPTIAN DAY: A multi-media day which includes the building of scale models of the Pyramids, the god Anubis and Pyramid wall paintings or create their own name Cartouche and protect their name like the Pharaohs did.

VICTORIAN DAY: Children will recreate the smog filled streets of Victorian Bradford with Lowry style fabric paintings. Find out more about England’s longest serving monarch and create their own sculpture of the Queen. Discover more about life as a child and build their own street pauper.

VIKING DAY: Children will find out more about the art and customs of these fascinating ancient people. Working in small groups children produce fabric paintings depicting Viking gods, scale models of long ships and plaques decorated with Viking runes.

CHINISE DAY: A brief introduction to the art and culture of the Far East. Children paint panels in traditional Chinise styles and design and build free standing models of Chinese figures.

HEALTHY BODY DAY: An art day that celebrates all things healthy. Children design and build free standing models of children exercising and create large scale paintings and collages representing healthy eating messages.

BEATLES DAY: Children will find out more about the most successful band in history. Children will be involved in the designing and building of free standing life-size sculptures of the Beatles.

Visual artists
Paul Hitchen:
Paul is a freelance artist who uses the art and techniques of the Australian Aborigial culture in contemporary and meaningful pieces of art. Paul is available to run workshops with staff and pupils in this area which is a perfect follow on to schools who have experienced the ever popular Aboriginal Day

Emma Fountain: Emma is a freelance artist with many skills that run the spectrum of arts and crafts. Emma is an experienced workshop leader who has worked for the Service for a number of years in primary, secondary and special schools with very positive feedback from staff and pupils. At present she is available for workshops in willow sculpture and felt making, the latter of which is a wonderful day for key stage one pupils.

Frank Darnley: Frank is an experienced artist and workshop leader who is known already in many of the district’s schools. He is available to run workshops in cardboard sculpture which can produce stunning large scale pieces in a day. He is also available to work alongside staff and pupils in longer projects where the end result would be large scale metal sculptures suitable for school grounds.

Jayne Bickerton: Jayne is an experienced mural artist, designer, stand up comedian, writer and actress. She is probably best known as Yana Lumb in Coronation Street in recent years however has in excess of twenty years experience in the visual and performing arts sector. Over the years Jayne has designed and painted murals for The Cavern Club Liverpool, The Hard Rock Café, Granada Television and in recent months a number of local schools. Jayne is available to work alongside schools in completion of murals of their choosing. In her capacity as a writer/performer Jayne has worked with Peter Kay among others and is available to run comedy sketch writing workshops suitable for upper Key Stage 2. These workshops would be of particular interest to schools trying to stimulate pupils who lack motivation and ideas in writing.

Prices -  £396 Full Day  
            -   £275 Half Day 

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