School Closures

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The schools listed below have advised that they are closed today due to unforeseen circumstances.

Emergency Closures (2)

Chellow Heights Special School Full Closure

Re-opens: 05/01/2015
Notes: Due to Health and Safety
Additional notes: Health and Safety due to an outbreak of Flu and upper respiratory symptoms in pupils and staff

Last updated: 16/12/2014 13:30:21

Queensbury School Full Closure

Re-opens: 06/01/2015
Notes: Closed for health and safety reasons due to an outbreak of sickness and flu / upper respiratory symptoms in students and staff.
Additional notes: Further information is available on the school website.
Last updated: 18/12/2014 08:43:20

Other schools may have a scheduled closure, for further information about these please use School Finder.

Colleges: For information on college closures please search for the contact details on school finder

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Passenger Transport Services (PTS)

PTS services are currently fully operational today (20/12/2014)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This announcement does not include mainstream school large bus and Mybus (yellow bus) services operated by PTE, for further information T: 01133 481122 W: